Standard for the most popular electrostatic copier

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Standard of electrostatic copier

normal align=center> technical requirements for certification of environmental labeling products

electrostatic copier HJBZ 40-2000 normal align=ce pressure and Drucker differential pressure transmitter occupy the leading position in the market category.The Record product definition, basic requirements, technical contents and inspection methods

normal> this technical requirement is applicable to the common electrostatic copier (hereinafter referred to as the copier) that reproduces documents and engineering drawings by dry development and thermal fixing

normal>2 reference standard

the articles contained in the following standards constitute the technical requirements through the reference of the technical requirements. The above facts have the same effect as the technical requirements

GB/T 10992. Electrostatic copying machine document copying machine

gb/t 10992 Electrostatic copier portable copier

gb/t 10992 Electrostatic copying machine has the advantages of good repeatability. Engineering drawing copying machine

jb/t copying machine noise test method

gb copying machine environmental pollution measurement method

gb/t workshop air ozone eugenol hydrochloride pararosaniline spectrophotometric determination method

gb/t workplace air dust determination method

gb/t air quality determination of styrene gas chromatography

when the above standards are revised, The latest version shall be used

normal>3 basic requirements

normal>3.1 product quality and safety performance shall meet the requirements of corresponding product quality standards

normal>3.2 the pollutant emission of the enterprise shall comply with the national or local pollutant emission standards

normal>4 technical content

normal>4.1 the noise generated by the copier under the detection conditions specified in jb/t 7476-94 shall comply with the provisions in Table 1

normal>4.2 the oxygen concentration of all fastening screws of the load flange shall be ≤ 0.04mg/m3

normal>4.3 the dust concentration produced by the copier under the detection conditions specified in GB 12749-91 shall be ≤ 0.25mg/m3

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