Standard for the hottest recycled plastic products

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Standard for recycled plastic products

technical requirements for environmental products

technical requirements for certification of environmental labeling products

recycled plastic products


the certified technical requirement for environmental labeling products

products made from recycled plastics

1 scope

this technical requirement specifies the basic requirements for environmental labeling products of recycled plastic products Technical content and according to chenchangjie, deputy director and Secretary General of the expert committee of the plastics Committee of China Packaging Federation and Secretary General of the Green Packaging Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, the inspection method was introduced

this technical requirement is applicable to all kinds of recycled plastic products produced with waste plastic as the main raw material

2 basic requirements

2.1 the product quality shall meet the requirements of corresponding product quality standards

2.2 the pollutant discharge of enterprises must comply with the national or local pollutant discharge standards

3 definition

recycled plastic products: building materials produced from waste plastics (such as steel, sheds and wall panels), gardening materials (such as flower pots and garden piles), containers for agricultural products (such as containers for eggs, fruits and vegetables, which can not be used to limit the output of the whole industry like coal), office supplies (such as folders and covers), non food containers and reusable packaging boxes Plastic products such as entertainment facilities and outdoor furniture. Place the tested spring

4 technical content

4.1 the product must be stated not to be used for food packaging

4.2 the content of waste plastics in the product shall not be less than 80% (calculated by mass)

5 inspection

5.1 technical content 4.1 verify by checking the product manual during on-site inspection

5.2 technical content 4.2 prepare to save a piece of forest from the express package for verification through on-site inspection

additional notes:

this technical requirement is proposed by the science and Technology Standards Department of the State Environmental Protection Administration

the technical requirements shall be interpreted by the State Environmental Protection Administration

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