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On November 20, Wang Jinzu, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of the CPC Fuqing Municipal Committee, and Zhang Fan, acting mayor, led the heads of relevant departments to Jiangyin Industrial Zone to hold a project promotion meeting of the Three Gorges offshore wind power industrial park to coordinate and solve the problems and difficulties encountered in the process of project promotion. Municipal leaders zhangxinyi and heyujin attended the meeting

the meeting heard the report on the project of the Three Gorges offshore wind power industrial park. It is understood that the Fujian Three Gorges offshore wind power equipment Industrial Park, located in Jiangyin Industrial Zone, is a full industrial chain offshore wind power research and development center and equipment manufacturing base integrating offshore wind power equipment technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, and operation and maintenance. The total investment is planned to be 4billion yuan, with a land area of 1000 mu. It is planned to introduce three wind turbine host plants, one blade manufacturing plant, one steel structure manufacturing plant, and two production supporting plants. The project plans to fully start site backfilling, foundation treatment, dispatching office building and apartment construction within this year. The first phase of offshore wind farm (prototype test wind farm) is located in niufeng village, Shapu town. It is the first high-power offshore wind power prototype and offshore operation test project in China, Total sea area the company upholds "Yunzhi Xinghua 2. The details of installing the universal tensile testing machine are about 75 hectares, which has been included in the offshore wind power planning of Fujian Province. It is planned to install a total of 14 typhoon generating units produced by 9 well-known wind turbine manufacturers at home and abroad, with a total installed capacity of about 80000 kW and a project investment of about 1.47 billion yuan. The project plans to generate power by the end of 2016, and complete the prototype test and comprehensive performance evaluation by the end of 2017. As a scientific research and testing platform, the prototype test wind farm Large capacity offshore wind turbine manufacturers with the most advanced technology and most suitable for Fujian sea and wind conditions will be selected for the offshore wind power industrial park

on how to promote the construction of the Three Gorges offshore wind power industrial park project, Wang Jinzu requested that, first, we should improve our understanding. The construction of the Three Gorges offshore wind power industrial park project is of great significance for our province to support the national strategy, enhance the industrial agglomeration of a region, and improve the industrial foundation, current scientific and technological level, innovation ability, talent introduction, etc. All relevant departments at all levels should, in accordance with the unified deployment and requirements of the provincial Party committee and government, as well as the Fuzhou municipal Party committee and government, fully support and promote the development of the whole industrial chain of offshore wind power in the Three Gorges project, strengthen coordination, form a joint force, and promote the implementation of the project as soon as possible. Second, it should be in place in advance. We should plan the whole industrial chain in advance and pay close attention to the front of each project ε- CL can also be copolymerized with GA to make surgical sutures, so as to synchronously speed up the protection of sea use, land approval and other factors, and lay a good foundation for the construction of the industrial park. Third, speed up. All relevant departments should strengthen services and improve work efficiency, so as to "solve problems overnight" and "rush forward for a day and take the initiative for a month". Enterprises should pay close attention to the implementation, speed up the project approval and commencement, promote the comprehensive construction of the Three Gorges offshore wind power industrial park project, jointly build an offshore wind power R & D center and offshore wind power equipment manufacturing base with "high starting point, large capacity and whole industry chain", and lead the development of Fujian and even China's offshore wind power equipment industry

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