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Create an open CNC architecture with TwinCAT 3

[August 14, 2013, Germany] Beckhoff showed its upgradeable CNC software package at the 2013 International Machine Tool Exhibition in Hannover, Germany (EMO 2013). The open twincat3 architecture allows users to use c/c++ or matlab/simulink as the programming language of real-time applications in addition to the IEC standard language. In other words, the user can choose the language that best matches the current task. Modules written in different languages can interact in real time through the tccom interface. Microsoft's VisualStudio provides a platform for the configuration, programming and diagnosis of all TwinCAT modules

avoid dampness and mildew from damaging the tension machine. Beckhoff's PC based control technology provides an open and scalable hardware and software platform for CNC applications. In terms of software, TwinCAT covers the engineering architecture and implementation control system with runtime system for PLC, NC, CNC and/or robotics

in the engineering environment, VisualStudio provides a tool for developing and testing algorithms quickly and conveniently. Using the flexible runtime scheme, we can safely and flexibly add customer specific modules with excellent services according to the provisions of tccom. In runtime, methods in one module can be called directly by another module. Event based direct communication is defined in TwinCAT component object model (tccom). Users can supplement or replace some CNC components with their own code snippets. With c/c++ and MATLAB/simulink, more languages can be provided. These languages are especially suitable for those complex algorithms that are highly sensitive to EU regulatory restrictions and limits in a simple way. Therefore, users have a large number of convenient choices to implement and protect their proprietary technology and intellectual property rights

twincat CNC: using the high-speed cutting performance reserve

to support multi-core processors and 64 bit operating systems means that twincat3 has developed performance reserves, such as high-precision control technology for HSC (high-speed cutting) milling machines. Because Beckhoff CNC system adopts high-speed control technology and simple programming, it can fully tap the potential of HSC machining center: improve the dynamic mechanical arm can process complex shape products very quickly, improve the surface quality and improve the flexibility in the workpiece processing process

in addition to these benefits, twincat3 can also integrate other functions into the control system, such as the condition monitoring function. The measurement terminal module integrated in the i/o layer samples the vibration data of the equipment, and then analyzes these data using TwinCAT condition monitoring software library. In this way, the fault can be detected in advance and the event can be analyzed. This can improve availability and optimize the utilization of machine tools

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the open twincat3 architecture allows users to choose the most matching language for the current task. Modules written in different languages can communicate in real time through the tccom interface

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