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Breaking the international monopoly, Pangeng steel focuses on steel pipe re entrepreneurship

breaking the international monopoly, Pangeng steel focuses on steel pipe re entrepreneurship

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in recent years, with the continuous increase in the production of highly corrosive oil and gas wells, the demand for 13Cr stainless steel oil well pipes has soared. However, this oil well pipe has many problems, such as large rolling deformation resistance and high requirements for heat treatment accuracy. Only a few large advanced steel pipe enterprises in the world can produce it. In order to break the market monopoly of foreign steel pipe manufacturing companies, Panzhihua Chenggang began to develop 13Cr carbon dioxide corrosion-resistant oil well pipes 8 years ago

complete the first export order

at the beginning of the project, many process links have no experience to learn from, and the research group of 13Cr stainless steel oil well pipe R & D project is facing many challenges

how to optimize the design of billet composition is the first problem to be solved in the whole research and development process. For this reason, the research group carried out a feasibility study on the rolling of martensitic stainless steel in combination with the actual situation of the company's equipment and technology. In strict accordance with the requirements of relevant standards, it carried out a large number of technical connections with the billet supplier panchangte, and carefully formulated the process system

After the scientific research contract was issued, the research group carried out a series of research on pipe rolling process, heat treatment process, microstructure and properties, and screw thread processing technology. Taking advantage of the process advantages of 159 continuous tube mill, which has good pass closure, uniform metal deformation and less rolling pressure, the process test was carried out intensively

due to the various production processes of 13Cr stainless steel oil well pipe, the process difference is within ± 1, and the requirements for qualified parameters are very strict. The scientific researchers have followed the whole process. As the main production unit, plant 159, facing the challenges of high rolling load, high requirements for tools and dies, and difficult production operations of 13Cr stainless steel oil well tubes, made every effort to ensure a breakthrough in rolling, successfully produced oil well tubes of three specifications, and completed the first export order in 2009

the research team adheres to the guiding ideology of changing the scientific research team from the rear team to the front team, actively cooperates with the sales system to carry out technical marketing and customer service, carefully collects user feedback, and constantly optimizes the product process. According to the users' needs and the development trend of 13Cr stainless steel oil well pipe, the members of the research group continue to move forward to higher standards, and launched the development of super 13Cr stainless steel oil well pipe in 2013

in September this year, the company for the first time provided users with super 13Cr stainless steel oil well pipes, which are produced by precision castings with complex shapes with excellent cast aluminum alloy. In addition to containing 13% chromium, nickel and molybdenum were added to strengthen the resistance to hydrogen sulfide corrosion, and the mechanical property was better. However, due to the high alloy content, the difficulty of heat treatment also increased. In order to complete the contract with high quality and quantity, 159 plant has formed a unique heating method based on the composition and performance requirements of steel grades and the experience of rolling similar products before. In order to ensure the safe production of oil well pipes, the factory also specially deployed senior piercers to adjust the backbone to be responsible for the whole operation

in order to effectively reduce the oxide skin on the inner surface during the heat treatment, quenching and heating of oil well pipes, the research group has adopted the plug technology through repeated tests, which not only greatly reduces the oxidation on the inner surface, but also is more conducive to sand blasting

the performance of general plastic can be ensured by controlling temperature, residence time, pressure and flow rate. After 13Cr stainless steel oil well pipe was introduced to the market, users responded well, and quickly extended to the international market, winning the favor of users. Not long ago, the company's 4000 tons of ultra-high strength and high toughness oil well pipes for ultra deep wells were sold to the world's third largest oil company - Iran national oil company. Customers reported that all indicators fully met the requirements

the relevant person in charge of Pangang Chenggang said that the next step will be to stabilize the international stainless steel oil well pipe market when the country stops the impact experiment. At the same time, we will strive to gradually realize the supply in the exploitation of Tarim oil field and southwest oil and gas field, and let the oil well pipe work together with other high value-added pipes to form a strong driving force to focus on the re entrepreneurship of steel pipes

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