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Do graduation design and win Ni prize - Ni 2008 Graduation Design Competition kicked off

the annual Ni graduation design competition kicked off again! If you are a university science and engineering student who graduated in 2008, if you choose the software and hardware of Ni company such as LabVIEW as the development platform or research object of graduation design or graduation thesis, we welcome you to sign up for the ni2008 graduation design competition! You will have the opportunity to get beautiful gifts and award certificates from Ni and win rich bonuses; At the same time, we also welcome teachers to encourage, support and organize your students to participate in our competition. The instructors of this year's first and second prize winners can be awarded the "2008 Summer National College Teachers' virtual instrument exchange" and accommodation sponsorship. Even if the structure is partially damaged, it will not cause a large-scale continuous collapse)

2008 "do graduation design and win Ni bonus!" Competition rules:

participants: University Science and engineering students who graduated in 2008 (junior college students, now undergraduate students, master's students, doctoral students can sign up)

if you are a non fresh graduate or teacher of a university, you are welcome to sign up for the prize competition of virtual instrument technology application scheme and continuous improvement of system energy efficiency held by Ni every year

start and end date:

start: registration will be accepted from April 1, 2008. Please submit the following information when signing up: school, Department, major, thesis direction, instructor, myself and the specific contact information of the instructor. Please refer to the registration form for details

as of June 20th, 2008 (deadline for submission of text)

registration method:

email registration: after downloading the registration form, please fill it out completely and accurately, and send an email to ademic@ (or mail it to the marketing department of Ni college, building 45 (201203), No. 1387, Zhangdong Road, Zhangjiang power port phase II, Pudong, Shanghai). We will reply and confirm your registration after receiving the registration form

Registration Form Download

special reward:

if you fill in and submit the registration form completely and successfully submit your thesis before the deadline of the activity, which makes it difficult for the original starch to melt and process, you and your instructor will receive a beautiful gift prepared by the marketing department of Ni University - a 1gbusb wristband

award and bonus setting:

first prize: 3000 yuan, third prize: 1000 yuan, second prize: 2000 yuan, incentive prize: 500 yuan, several

thesis Collections:

winning papers will be included in the thesis collections of this year's competition after being confirmed by the author's written consent

activity statement: Ni strictly abides by internationally accepted intellectual property laws and regulations, and will not provide all or part of the submitted papers to third parties without permission or authorization, and will not disclose the core technologies and achievements involved in the submitted papers

Mr. chenqingquan, marketing manager of Ni University, said: "The virtual instrument technology of LabVIEW and Ni company has brought great changes to the whole measurement industry. It is also more and more widely used in teaching, experiments, scientific research projects and academic research in various colleges and universities. Ni company has held a graduation design competition for science and engineering students every year since 2004. All students who choose to do graduation design on the virtual instrument technology platform of LabVIEW and Ni company are welcome to actively participate in the activity of 'doing graduation design and winning Ni Prize' Move. "

As the founder and leader of virtual instrument, Ni has been committed to bringing the most advanced testing and measurement solutions into all walks of life since its establishment for nearly 30 years. For the special market of colleges and universities, Ni has not only set up a marketing department of colleges and universities to be responsible for cooperation with colleges and universities, but also launched a series of perennial preferential measures, such as issuing sitelicenses, preferential teaching starter kits and product kits, and special discounts for college users

Ni has always maintained close cooperation with well-known institutions of higher learning in China. More than 70 universities in the 211 project have purchased products from Ni or established virtual instrument laboratories on the basis of Ni products. Many science and engineering students learned more about Ni company by using Ni products, and some of the outstanding ones joined the Ni family after graduation and became the mainstay of Ni China; There are also some students who continue to use LabVIEW and other products after starting their jobs, and they are loyal users of Ni as always

as a new generation of engineers and scientists, engineering students in school can master the latest testing and measurement skills through Ni's virtual instrument, and have stronger competitiveness in future work. If you are a fresh student about to graduate, if you choose LabVIEW and other virtual instrument software and hardware technology as the content and direction of your graduation design, then come to this graduation design competition and share your achievements with Ni and Ni users

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