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Changing the current situation, the transmission coupling industry has entered the adjustment and improvement period

changing the current situation, the transmission coupling industry has entered the adjustment and improvement period

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Guide: the international financial crisis since the second half of last year has not yet completely subsided, which has led to serious losses for many large manufacturing enterprises in the world, and even on the verge of bankruptcy. Enterprises in China's transmission coupling industry have also experienced a severe test. In response to the crisis, the central government formulated Countermeasures in a timely manner and put forward the policy of ensuring the development of

the international financial crisis, which began in the second half of last year, has not yet completely subsided. It has led to serious losses for many large manufacturing enterprises in the world, and even on the verge of bankruptcy. Enterprises in China's transmission coupling industry have also experienced a severe test. In response to the crisis, the central government formulated Countermeasures in a timely manner, timely put forward the guidelines of "maintaining development, expanding domestic demand and adjusting structure", and also issued the adjustment and revitalization plan for the equipment manufacturing industry. How to closely follow policies, seize opportunities, combine with reality, face challenges and ensure development has become the top priority for enterprises in the industry

the current situation of the industry needs to be changed.

with the advent of the crisis, the existing disadvantages in the industry are increasingly exposed and need to be improved

the enterprise is small and weak. The vast majority of enterprises in the transmission coupling industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, with small scale, low output capacity, relatively backward process equipment, and lack of Progressiveness in technology, especially more than 10 years behind the advanced countries in Europe and the United States. Therefore, the collaborative operation of different parts with anti risk ability is very weak, which is naturally vulnerable to impact in this crisis

there is a big gap in product quality. At present, compared with international advanced products, our products have a large difference in quality and grade, and the brand degree is poor. The price of the same products is 3 ~ 6 times different

market demand plummeted. In recent years, due to the rapid development of steel and shipbuilding industries, the transmission coupling industry has maintained a rapid momentum of operation. However, since the financial crisis in the second half of last year, we have seen the great potential of this market, affected by the financial crisis and the downward pressure on the national economy, some enterprises have begun to face obvious difficulties in operation, and orders have decreased significantly. At present, orders are less than 50% compared with the same period last year, And some signed orders have also been stopped due to the suspension and postponement of some projects, the output has also declined rapidly, and the inventory is relatively increased, and there is a growing trend

lack of funds. As the upstream enterprises are facing greater difficulties, it is more difficult to withdraw funds. At the same time, the bank controls the scale of credit, and it is more difficult for enterprises to loan, which makes cash flow tight, and even breaks the capital chain, and affects the business activities of enterprises. Due to the overheated development in previous years, many enterprises have invested too much to expand production capacity. Due to the lack of funds at this stage, many technological transformation projects have been suspended, which has hindered the development of enterprises. Therefore, financing difficulties have affected the survival and development of enterprises

the innovation ability of enterprises is insufficient. Due to the small scale of enterprises, it is difficult to recruit a large number of technical talents, and with the intensification of the financial crisis, it is more difficult to have more funds invested in scientific research, so the innovation ability of enterprises will be limited

accelerate industry adjustment and improve

if these problems are not solved, it will not only be difficult for the industry to smoothly bring negative impacts on the natural environment to survive this crisis, but also affect the healthy and sustainable development of the next step. We should regard this crisis as the best time to adjust and improve the industry

improve the overall strength of the enterprise. We should fully seize the opportunity, grasp the structural adjustment of products according to the planning needs, and clarify the development direction of the enterprise. At the same time, seek government support in terms of policies and funds, strive to solve the problems of backward equipment, simple process, low product grade and weak market competitiveness of enterprises, purposefully focus on structural adjustment and product quality improvement, strengthen technological transformation, strive for individual breakthroughs, gradually improve the technological level of enterprise process equipment and product development, and improve the profitability and competitiveness of enterprises. In terms of management, we should establish a modern enterprise system, reengineer and reorganize the production and manufacturing process in combination with the actual situation, realize the reasonable allocation of people, machines and materials, realize the smoothness of production processes and procedures, greatly improve work efficiency, and enhance competitiveness through management innovation

adjust the product structure. Most enterprises in our industry have poor accuracy and sensitivity, which is formed by the disintegration of large state-owned enterprises, the restructuring of small and medium-sized enterprises and the development of individual enterprises. The overall development level is low. Most enterprises operate in an extensive way, with similar products, low-level repetition, low scientific and technological content and weak market competitiveness. At present, the accelerated process of global economic integration has also brought us opportunities. Enterprises should segment and position the market, choose suitable service objects, further deepen products and pursue differentiation, so that each enterprise has a clear market goal and forms its own fist products. Every enterprise has become a "fine", "special" and "specialized" enterprise with product differentiation and market dislocation

strengthen innovation and improve product brand. For our enterprises, it is urgent to solve the problem of innovation. At present, some small and medium-sized enterprises are highly repetitive, their products lack personality, and the enterprises themselves lack innovation. The development trend of small and medium-sized enterprises is to be personalized, customized, and high value-added. At this stage, the gap between domestic products in our industry and foreign advanced countries is larger, and the brand gap is larger. Moreover, domestic enterprises can not produce some products and can only rely on imports. Through the crisis, we deeply realize the importance of innovation for the survival and development of enterprises. Enterprises themselves must attach great importance to increasing investment in this area, learn to use social resources, and cooperate and innovate with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. In addition, the association should also establish an expert team organization to focus on product research and development, promote product upgrading in the industry, and provide corresponding services for member units

accelerate the development of the international market. At present, the product market of our industry is still dominated by domestic products, and the high-end products used in China are also mainly dependent on imports. We should continue to expand the international market, use our cost advantage to go to the European and American markets, and seize the opportunity of developing countries to vigorously develop at the same time. For our industry, due to the great price difference between products and European and American products, the national export policy has little impact on it. As long as we continue to improve product quality, foreign enterprises will also prefer our products in the pursuit of profit maximization, especially in the period of economic crisis, enterprises will pay more attention to cost control, although the total market demand is shrinking, However, the share of our products in the international market can be relatively increased. Therefore, we will deliver more products with better quality and relatively low cost to the international market, laying the foundation for the subsequent development of the enterprise

strengthen industry self-discipline. At present, China's steel output exceeds demand, so after the financial crisis, the demand for our products has fallen sharply. In order to compete for the only market share, enterprises adopt vicious competition, even lower than the cost price bidding, but the processing process is Jerry built, and some even sacrifice product quality to reduce costs, which seriously affects the industry's improvement of product grade and restricts the development of host machines. To this end, we will regulate the behavior of members, maintain the market order of fair competition, and actively promote the construction of industry integrity

strengthen the cooperation of enterprises. On the one hand, stand in line, closely follow the large group, and take the ladder upstairs. Through cooperation with well-known enterprises, especially international well-known enterprises, rapidly improve the brand, increase the added value of products and further expand the market; On the other hand, we should strengthen cooperation among peers. First, we should strengthen the ability to resist risks and form a trend of staying together for the winter. Second, we should use product differentiation to jointly develop markets, share resources and seek common development

expand financing channels. Capital is the blood of enterprises. We should actively innovate financing methods, make full use of the functions of social intermediaries, and alleviate the difficulties of enterprise capital shortage

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