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Cancel long-distance roaming charges Chinatelecom first

it is a step closer to the cancellation of long-distance roaming charges. At the 8th smart terminal and mobile Internet Industry Summit Forum, Yang Jie, chairman of Chinatelecom, said that Chinatelecom would implement full traffic billing (voice and SMS are converted into unified traffic billing) and gradually eliminate long-distance roaming fees

the corresponding is Tianyi 4g+ cloud card just released by Chinatelecom. At the same time, the set should regularly check various sprockets on the electronic universal experimental machine. There is no monthly package fee for the meal, which is charged and used immediately. After users recharge and pay according to the amount of 0 yuan behind the industry leader, they can use the traffic with the corresponding amount only in the past 1 year; Voice and SMS can be converted into traffic billing. The traffic purchased by users is valid for 3 months, and it is not clear during the validity period. It is expected to replace soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for medical devices. Typing and texting can be converted into traffic billing according to certain standards

insiders pointed out that this is actually a new way to cancel long-distance roaming fees. Full flow billing will not cause the subscribed package to sometimes run out of voice traffic. In addition, the traffic of full flow billing package is national traffic, and the corresponding converted voice calls are also national calls. Users no longer need to distinguish between local, long-distance or roaming calls

last year, the three major operators were repeatedly shouted to speed up and reduce fees, and the cancellation of long-distance roaming fees was also put on the agenda. Last August, the three major operators collectively cancelled the long-distance and roaming fees between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. In September last year, the three major operators adjusted the communication charges of Kunming, Qujing, Yuxi and Chuxiong in Yunnan Province, and cancelled the long-distance call fees and roaming fees generated by the mutual dialing of communication users belonging to the four prefectures

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