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Create China's own plastic machine

China is the world's largest producer of plastic machinery, with an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 200000 sets. In recent years, the industrial output value has increased by double digits, and it is one of the fastest growing varieties in China's machinery industry. With the development of China's plastic machine industry, domestic plastic machines are making great strides towards high-tech and high-end products. This year, the plastics machinery association will continue to focus on promoting new technologies and accelerating industrial upgrading. It is understood that although China is a large producer of plastic machines in the world, its output accounts for 1/4 of the global total output, especially the injection molding machines, which account for more than 60% of the world's annual output of injection molding machines, and it is the world's largest exporter of injection molding machines. But overall, the output value of China's plastic machinery industry is not high, accounting for only 9% of the total output value of the global plastic machinery. China still has a market gap of 10 billion yuan every year, and 60% of high-end plastic machinery products need to be imported. At the same time, some ordinary models of extrusion in China attach great importance to the production and utilization of thermal insulation materials. There is overcapacity in low-end products such as outgoing machines and blow molding machines, and the market competition is very fierce. Therefore, product upgrading has become the top priority of the industry

according to the relevant person in charge of the plastic machinery association, last year, China's plastic machinery industry made great progress in promoting new technologies, especially energy-saving technologies. Only at the technical conference held by the plastic machinery association in 2007, nine units, including Ningbo Haitian Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Datong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Zhende Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., released 19 new technologies, new products and new achievements at one time. In addition, the energy-saving technology developed by Beijing University of chemical technology and the nuclear magnetic resonance technology developed by South China University of technology have made new breakthroughs in improving the scientific and technological content and grade of plastic machine products. In terms of energy-saving technology of plastic machines, the project team has been committed to the basic and industrial research of polyglutamic acid and polylysine since 2000. Haitian Group's all electric injection molding machine has entered the international market, changing the international image of China's plastic machine products. In addition, last year, plastic machine products were listed in the Chinese famous brand product catalogue for the first time, and four products were rated as Chinese famous brand products

at present, many domestic enterprises have made great progress through the digestion and absorption of imported technology, and the gap with developed countries has gradually narrowed. Among them, the gap between injection molding machines is the smallest. Most products have reached the level of the middle and late 1980s, a small number of products are close to the level of the 1990s, and some products are already at the international leading level

but the plastic machinery association also said that at present, domestic plastic machinery is still facing the problems of insufficient independent innovation technology and excess low-end products. Up to now, plastic granulation units in large-scale ethylene projects, precision injection molding machines required in electronic and communication projects, large-scale injection molding machines and large-scale multi-layer hollow molding machines required in the automotive industry, biaxial tensile film production widely used in the packaging industry have also increased the complexity of mechanical design equipment, multi-layer hollow molding machines, and precision extruders required in the medical and health field, which basically rely on imports. There is still a big gap between some key technologies, such as automatic control, precision extrusion, precise feeding, high-speed production, and foreign products, especially in the area of precision plastic machines. 60% of the 20000 sets of plastic machines imported by China every year are precision injection molding machines. In the area of multi-layer coextrusion machines, China's plastic machinery is difficult to compare with foreign plastic machines in terms of precise layer thickness control

some industry experts said that it is not enough to simply rely on the introduction of foreign technology to make China's plastic machine level in line with the world as soon as possible. We must start with the independent research and development of cutting-edge technology to change the backward situation of China's plastic machine. At present, China's plastic machine technology is in the same starting line with foreign developed countries in the research and development of environmental protection and energy conservation, and the gap is not obvious. We can start from this field and develop new plastic machines with energy conservation and environmental protection to open up the high-end market. Haitian Group has launched the HTD all electric injection molding machine, which has been successfully developed by itself. Compared with traditional products, it saves 60% electricity and 30% water, which has promoted the improvement of China's plastic machine industry

the Plastics Machinery Association said that in order to further narrow the gap between China and foreign advanced products, this year the association will pay special attention to the technical exchange and cooperation with foreign countries on the first high-end products. At the same time, guide and help enterprises to adhere to the path of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the close combination of original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, increase investment in independent innovation, strive to break through the key technologies that restrict the development of the industry, vigorously promote product innovation, and constantly launch new products with advanced levels, so that China's plastic machine products can be made in China and created in China

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