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Create a green Johnson Controls Technology Innovation Speed

rooted in China, continuous innovation

Johnson Controls is based on the Chinese market, through the introduction of global advanced technology and products, and localization improvement, to meet the needs of local users. Through global resource sharing and cooperative development, we have achieved localized production and R & D of products, and successfully developed a large number of patented technologies and world leading products. In the past five years, Johnson Controls Asia technology R & D center has also been committed to participating in the formulation of product technical standards and actively cooperating with Chinese industry organizations to improve industry norms and standards

hexiaoyu, vice president of Asia technology R & D center of Johnson Controls' building facility benefit business, said: R & D has always been one of the cornerstones of Johnson Controls. Since the Asian technology R & D Center settled in Wuxi in 2004, it has continued to develop, improved its processes, and made many breakthrough innovations, which has provided a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of Johnson Controls and more effectively served the Chinese and even the global market, Create a more comfortable and safe environment

according to he Xiaoyu, after five years of development, the whole R & D center now has the largest and most perfect experimental means in the world. Including the world's largest 4000 ton water chiller test bench, Asia's largest semi anechoic air cooling environment simulation laboratory, 45kw~180kw enthalpy difference chamber, 500 ton compressor performance test bench, heat transfer test bench and parts laboratory, and more than 20 test benches. In the past five years, the Asian technology research and development center has worked closely with universities, research and development institutions and industry associations to jointly promote the development of refrigeration and air conditioning products and technologies in China. Among them, the scholarship, internship base and graduate social practice base established in cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University, and the air conditioning knowledge competition jointly held with Tianjin University of Commerce have trained a large number of high-quality R & D personnel

energy conservation, emission reduction, high quality and efficiency

with climate change attracting more and more attention from the world and China, energy conservation and emission reduction has become one of the key goals of China's sustainable development. As the only one-stop sustainable development solution supplier in the world that can adapt to any building environment, Johnson Controls is actively developing products that reduce waste, reduce water consumption, lower energy consumption and lower operating costs. In the production workshop, Johnson Controls adopts frequency conversion technology for all products, which greatly improves the comprehensive energy efficiency of the unit, and the annual saving rate is as high as 25%. The single-stage centrifugal compressor independently developed by the R & D center has a maximum refrigerating capacity of 10548kw, lower energy consumption, more stable operation and more compact structure. The patented variable diffuser can effectively prevent surge, expand the operating range of the compressor, improve the efficiency of the compressor, and improve the core guarantee for system energy saving

Johnson Controls' advanced heat transfer technology and system control technology greatly optimizes the system operation by adopting intelligent management while improving energy efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption. Undoubtedly, it is also a huge business opportunity. With excellent solutions, Johnson Controls has undertaken many famous buildings in the world, including Beijing National Theater, Dubai Atlantis resort undersea Hotel, Singapore Telecommunications Center and other different smooth oil products. Their functional claims are different. At the Shanghai WorldExpo, Johnson Controls also participated in the hosting of the Expo City best practice area and the Expo Village VIP five-star hotel

how did Johnson Controls create its core competitiveness in the past five years (and store relevant information)? The leading group of Johnson Controls said in the summary that it mainly relies on two points: first, the company has formulated a clear development route to find the product needs of the market through analyzing customer needs, and get close to the market and customers; Second, the company puts maintaining strong technical force in a key position, constantly strengthens its independent research and development ability, and wins the trust of customers through continuous improvement and innovation. Step by step, limp by a thousand miles, Johnson Controls will bring more and more advanced energy-saving and environmental protection products and services to the future market in fulfilling its commitment to sustainable development

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