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Create a domestic digital core life. Relying on the high-quality chipset platform, North China industrial control continues to push through the old and bring forth the new.

digital life is always the basis for the construction of intelligent life. In the international competition with technology as the core, three kinds of plastics ABS, PLA and nylon will continue to occupy the largest share of the 3D printing material market in the next 10 years, digital core has always been the focus. Many domestic chipset suppliers have been practicing the domestic digital core scheme, while North China industrial control has also been increasing the proportion of research and development of embedded computer schemes based on domestic chipsets, and many schemes have been widely praised in the market

in the current domestic chipmaker market, whether it is chip makers such as Ruixin micro and Feiteng who have been drilling and grinding the market for many years, or Hisilicon chip makers who come from behind, they all occupy a position in the international market with strong technological accumulation. Today, with the changing international economic situation, the trade war with technology and technology as the core to solve the problem of measurement accuracy at the same time is uncertain, which requires enterprises to master more core technologies

chip, as the core technology in the digital era, has always been an indispensable link in the process of intelligent upgrading in all walks of life. In the international environment, domestic chipset suppliers represented by Ruixin micro and hisilic gradually occupy a position in the market. In multiple product chains, the product solutions built with chipsets as important technical modules also have better domestic characteristics

taking the performance of chipsets as the technical platform and building a highly technology integrated product scheme according to the special requirements of the industry is an important basis for the embedded computer industry. As the leader of the embedded industrial computer industry, North China industrial control has many product lines to build domestic chipset platforms, which has been highly praised in the market

‖ hisilic chipset

hisilic is an important layout of Huawei in the chip field. With its continuous development, it has multiple leading technical advantages in the AI field. The massive demand for AI chips in the security field also makes it unique in the security and video fields

based on hisilic's various intelligent chipsets, North China industrial control has created a number of embedded motherboards and quasi system solutions, especially for the product solutions in the security market, which need to be able to obtain the compressive strength of packaging boxes or packages. It has specially created a complete product line covering cameras, NVR systems, embedded motherboards, etc., making full use of hisilic's accumulated technology in the construction of intelligent vision platforms

integrate the technical advantages of Hisilicon in hardware acceleration algorithm, neural engine, deep learning and other aspects, and create a variety of embedded motherboards and embedded AI quasi system solutions that can be applied to the development of neural engine, deep learning, artificial intelligence and other fields, as well as network video monitoring system, high-definition camera, video server, driverless, medical and other industries

As a representative of domestic chip enterprises, Ruixin micro has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with North China industrial control. North China industrial control has built a high-quality product line covering industrial control motherboards and quasi systems based on Ruixin micro high-quality chipsets rk3399 and rk3399pro chipsets, and has been successfully applied to projects such as rookie smart cabinets

give full play to the performance advantages of this chipset of Ruixin micro, combined with the building ability of the industrial level product scheme of North China industrial experimental cycle long control, many product lines have made a clear analysis of their performance and market positioning at the beginning of building, and the carefully built product scheme has been widely recognized by the market after listing, and has been implemented in many customer demand scenarios

among them, Ruixin micro flagship AI chip rk3399pro adopts the hardware structure design of cpu+gpu+npu for the first time. The chip integrated NPU (neural network processor) integrates the key technologies of machine vision, speech processing, deep learning and other aspects, and its computing ability is further strengthened. It is an accurate attack of North China industrial control on the AI market

to build a domestic digital core life, the application field of embedded computers has expanded from professional application industries such as medical treatment, transportation and finance to areas closely related to daily life such as retail, express cabinets and self-service machines. More embedded computer solutions to build domestic cores shine in daily digital life

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