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Breaking through the boundaries of traditional security, North China industrial control can provide a special computer for AI visual intercom system

under the environment of the rapid development of information technology, intelligent security breaks the boundaries of traditional security, further integrates and applies with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and IOT, and derives security products such as AI visual intercom system, which can effectively improve the overall management and service level of housing

1. Multifunctional use of AI visual intercom system

ai visual intercom system involves a number of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IOT, computer and network technology. It is mainly composed of doorway machine (household doorway machine), indoor machine, administrator machine, etc., while China is basically in the initial stage. Through the built-in monitoring system, display equipment, gross sales profit of 120million yuan, sensors and other driving devices, it can realize (two-way visual) intercom Intelligent functions such as information reception, remote, photo message extraction, home appliance control, monitoring, security alarm, etc. not only create a more safe, reliable, convenient and intelligent living environment for residents, but also facilitate property management

at present, AI visual intercom system has been widely used in residential buildings, office buildings, factory areas, etc. Based on the diversified needs of customers in different industries, the functions of the system are still expanding, prompting many manufacturers to choose industrial computer hardware with stronger quality and performance as its platform support, and use industrial tablets to connect the management center and other system equipment with monitoring systems, alarm systems, face recognition systems, voice recognition systems, etc., so as to realize information sharing, remote operation, property services Call and alarm record query and other diversified functions make AI visual intercom, but Ningwu has achieved the industry-leading level of products with its exquisite and dedicated "craftsman spirit", and the service level of the system has been continuously improved

North China industrial control believes that with the continuous progress of technology, the service and function of AI visual intercom system will continue to improve. In this process, professional and reliable industrial computer products such as North China industrial control series must provide hardware support to ensure its quality and performance

2. Intelligent industrial control hardware scheme of North China industrial control

North China industrial control is the leader of the industry's special-purpose computer. It focuses on intelligent security, actively introduces advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, IOT, and Internet, and uses intelligent cores of different platforms such as Intel, Hisilicon, NXP, and Ruixin micro to create two mature industrial control product supply chains based on X86 and arm architecture, which can provide hardware support for AI visual intercom system

North China industrial control can provide a variety of computer board solutions required by AI visual intercom system (including three inch board, four inch board, five inch board, mitx motherboard, ATX motherboard, industrial CPU card, etc.). The product supports Intel Celeron, Pentium and core series CPUs, and supports Ruixin micro and Freescale arm series CPUs; Integrate efficient processing core, integrate a new generation of video/image processing engine, and support fast algorithm and fast storage; Rich functional interface design, support a variety of display resolutions, and support voice power amplifier; It has a flexible network application environment and supports Gigabit Ethernet/wifi/3g/4g networks; It has all-round application characteristics such as industrial reliability, stability 3, installation consulting, low power consumption and high reliability

North China industrial control can provide the production customization of industrial tablets required by AI visual intercom system, including adding customer hardware equipment, adding interfaces, customizing various appearance structures and screen sizes (8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19). Products comply with VESA standards; WLED backlight can touch the full plane capacitive/resistive LCD screen, with good application experience; Rich functional interface design, which can meet the access needs of a variety of peripherals; Multi port design, with flexible network application environment; New fan free wide temperature heat dissipation structure, low power consumption, high reliability, easy disassembly and easy maintenance

North China industrial control learned that the application of AI visual intercom system has become an important part of the intelligent transformation and upgrading of old residential areas. Focusing on intelligent security, North China industrial control adheres to intelligent guidance and continuous innovation. It will also launch more high-quality and high-performance intelligent industrial control hardware solutions to help the construction of intelligent security. For more information about North China industrial control products, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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