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Carry out regional quality certification, improve the self-management level of the section

carry out regional quality certification, improve the self-management level of the section

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in order to improve the quality management level of each production section, systematically evaluate and promote the solution of the "man-machine material method environmental measurement" problem that affects the on-site quality, XCMG automobile takes the section as the certification unit to organize and carry out regional quality certification, Strengthen the weak links in each region. If the conditions do not allow, it can only be landfilled, which improves the stability of the physical quality of the process and the level of independent management at the section level

carry out project planning and prepare the regional quality certification scheme

XCMG automobile organized and established a quality certification team, such as the de Broglie wavelength of electronics, superconducting coherent length, ferromagnetic critical size, etc., to plan targeted quality improvement measures from the perspective of background investigation, overall planning, certification standards, and implementation plans, and establish the trial standard of the regional quality certification scheme. And resolutely withdraw from the inefficient and ineffective industries that do not have advantages and do not conform to the development strategy, and further improve the plan according to the feedback of the publicity, training and practical operation of the pilot units, forming a closed loop of the whole process

discuss the regional quality certification scheme

set up a model unit to improve the level of self-management of the section

XCMG automobile takes the heavy cab as the pilot, takes the principle of full participation, starts with the five elements of "people, machines, materials, methods and environment", takes design, process and incoming material status as the main verification interval, carries out the quality improvement of multi wheel stations and teams, and sorts out dozens of designs, incoming material quality, processes, logistics Equipment lifting points. Based on the cause analysis of the section, the regional quality certification implementation team gives quality review, issues rectification opinions, tracks the implementation and effect of rectification measures, and completes practical verification

carry out regional quality certification, improve the self-management level of the section

summarize the certification experience, and realize the promotion and application of the whole station

on the basis of fully summarizing the pilot experience of the heavy cab section, the regional quality certification scheme for each station of the General Assembly branch and the mining card branch has been implemented. Next, XCMG will be goal oriented and problem oriented, thoroughly investigate the control problems of the whole production process and the whole inspection process, complete the problem identification, and carry out targeted solutions, and finally achieve the improvement of product quality indicators and physical quality

the development trend of China's construction machinery industry is described by the word "Crazy" in the industry

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