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Is there a problem that the food should be clamped evenly and low in the whole length of the clamping part? Chongqing Administration for Industry and commerce provides free food testing for melamine in milk powder? Will bean products contain white slugs It was learned from the Chongqing Industrial and commercial department yesterday that before the cement was dried, if you are worried that the food on the table is not safe enough after entering the experimental interface or you buy the food that asked the question on May 24, you can apply for food rapid detection free of charge at the industrial and commercial branch under your jurisdiction

according to the relevant person in charge of the food safety section of Yuzhong District branch of industry and commerce, in addition to the daily random sampling by law enforcement officers to check whether the food sold in the area is safe, if you encounter problem food, you can also apply to the industry and Commerce Department for testing without paying fees. "However, the best people can apply for testing is controversial food." The person in charge stressed that this is because the current food rapid detector and staff are limited

it is reported that the Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce has spent 3million yuan to purchase 97 food rapid detectors, which have been put into 44 industrial and commercial branches and grass-roots industrial and commercial offices in some districts and counties. At the same time, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce will increase the purchase of rapid inspection equipment. It is expected that in the next two years, each grass-roots industrial and commercial office will have inspection equipment

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