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Food machinery is a good opportunity for transformation and development

in recent years, domestic food machinery enterprises have developed rapidly, but still can not meet the huge demand for food processing. At present, food machinery has entered the development period of structural adjustment. It is more necessary for food machinery manufacturers to fully cooperate with each other, invest in technical forces, and combine the actual situation of our country to produce more food processing equipment in line with our country. In order to build a safer electricity environment for users, local household appliance manufacturers also attach great importance to the agricultural product processing industry and food processing industry, which also creates a good policy environment and market environment for food machinery manufacturers. Opportunities and risks always coexist, and the bottleneck is also a good opportunity for transformation and development

at present, China's food machinery industry is still in the initial stage of development, and the market is still in an unstable period. If China's food machinery industry wants to achieve rapid development, first of all, enterprises should constantly improve product quality and level, transform from manufacturing to creation, and gradually shorten the gap with international advanced enterprises. Secondly, we should constantly standardize the market, establish and improve industry standards, so that enterprises can develop in a standardized market. Third, enterprises should avoid price war and establish a market atmosphere of benign competition. Fourth, China has a vast territory, abundant resources and a large population, and the economic development and living patterns of different regions are different. Therefore, manufacturers should make multiple investigations and actively develop products suitable for the needs of different users in different regions to meet the needs of consumers according to regional differences and economic affordability. Fifthly, we should strengthen market promotion and service channels, enhance the brand awareness of enterprises, unite as one, and make joint efforts, so as to ensure the healthy and benign development of the food machinery industry

as yellow "Qee-tech technology is a gold industry designed for mass production of structural components. In recent years, China's food machinery has developed rapidly. At present, it has entered a development period of product structure adjustment, improvement of development and innovation ability, and integration with the world. Only through continuous scientific and technological innovation can we find a way out, and the perfect combination of science and technology, humanities, environmental protection and other social themes can we produce first-class food machinery, so that food machinery can be sourced It has a long history

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