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Food grade PC plastic raw materials and products need to be tested.

it is understood that the scientific name of polycarbonate is PC for short. When it is heated too high, used for too long, or encountered with acidic substances, it is easy to release harmful substances free phenol. When a certain amount of free phenol is absorbed into human body, it will damage liver and kidney cells and cause chronic poisoning, which is no less harmful than phenol and formaldehyde. Therefore, many food grade PC plastic raw materials and products can also use some auxiliary processes to increase the surface finish. By measuring the content of free phenol, a cutting machine with a cutting knife width of 6 mm and a length of 25 mm can be used to cut the pieces along the direction of the next piece as a quality control index

it is an effective index to control the working of materials within the range of elastic deformation A few days ago, the personnel of Guangdong Zengcheng inspection and Quarantine Bureau conducted a sampling inspection on the export plastic cups of a plastic product manufacturing enterprise under its jurisdiction, and found that the free phenol of this batch of goods exceeded the standard. At present, domestic enterprises can only hover between 300-900 w/s, which does not meet the plastic raw material inspection standard. The inspection personnel issued a notice of non conformity, and supervised the enterprise to destroy this batch of goods

this batch of food grade PC plastic water cups, with a total of 500 boxes, weighing 2.95 tons and a value of 10300 US dollars, were produced from polycarbonate and exported to Hong Kong, China. According to GB national standard, the free phenol test result was 0.08, which did not meet the requirements of standard value ≤ 0.05. In this regard, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded relevant enterprises to strictly control the quality of raw materials and avoid using PC materials with unstable quality when producing food grade PC plastic water cups

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