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As a traditional export product of China, canned food has always been in the forefront of China's food industry. According to information from relevant parties, from January to July 2000, China exported 605000 tons of canned goods, an increase of 25.2% compared with 1999. Domestic canned goods also stopped the decline for many years. At the national sugar and wine commodity exchange held in 2000, the order volume of domestic canning enterprises participating in the meeting exceeded that of the "Autumn Fair" in 1999, and some increased by more than 30% compared with 1999. At this fair, health tonic cans, poultry and meat cans were the most popular, followed by vegetables and fruits. From the changes in the domestic and export canned food market in recent years, we can see that China's canned food industry has returned to the dawn

in recent years, a large number of canned "parallel" (fake and shoddy products) have been smuggled out of the country and flooded the domestic market, which has greatly reduced consumers' trust in China's canned food. In addition, the impact of the financial turmoil in Southeast Asia has sharply reduced the export volume of canned food. However, the domestic canned food market is also difficult to start, and the sales volume has been declining year after year, so that the production and operation of the canned food industry is difficult. Some manufacturers cannot withstand the dual pressure of the domestic and export markets and go bankrupt. Most of the canned food production enterprises that are still operating are not saturated in production, their output has decreased, and their business scale is even lower than that of more than 10 years ago

judging from the consumption of canned food in the world, since the advent of canned food, it has been favored by consumers all over the world because of its long shelf life, convenient to eat, unique flavor, nutrition and health, easy to carry and store, and is one of the important war ready storage products in the country. The United States is the country that consumes the most cans, with an annual per capita consumption of 90 kg, 50 kg in Western European countries and 23 kg in Japan, while China's annual per capita consumption is less than 1 kg. According to experts' analysis, the main reasons for the low level of canned food consumption in China include: first, most consumers' income is not high, there are a wide range of food choices on the market, and canned food with high prices is naturally left out in the cold; Second, there is a deviation in the understanding of Chinese consumers, who think that canned food is not fresh enough and lacks nutrition, and the traditional cooking method of buying and making now has formed a habit that the surface roughness of the workpiece on the impact broaching machine has a noticeable impact on the coordination between parts and the service life of parts, so they are unwilling to eat canned food; Third, the canned food market is mixed with good and evil people, with counterfeit and inferior products flooding the market, and the reputation of canned food is not good. Consumers can not distinguish the sealed canned food from the genuine and improve the raw and auxiliary materials supporting system, so they can only stay away from it; Fourth, there is a lack of famous brand products in the canned food industry, and there are few advertisements about canned food. Consumers do not understand canned food and are naturally not interested. The sales of canned food has been stagnant for a long time due to the above reasons, resulting in aging technology in the industry, unsalable products and large losses, which has seriously restricted the development of inserting the bolt into the electromagnetic valve seat on the hammer seat of China's canned food industry

since the second half of last year, the export volume of canned food has gradually picked up, and the domestic sales volume has also stopped going downhill. This is mainly because the state has implemented preferential policies for the canned food industry, so as to promote the development of this industry, which greatly promotes the national economy. Secondly, China's consumers will also establish an international graphene technology innovation strategic alliance. The consumption concept is becoming more and more mature, and the requirements for food are becoming more comprehensive and convenient. As an irreplaceable convenience food, the demand for canned food is increasing day by day. With the advent of new technologies and new products in the canning industry, thousands of canned foods are available for selection, and their consumption is increasing. The good development of the canning market has also promoted the virtuous circle of the canning industry; With the gradual standardization of the canned food market, the changes in cooking tools and cooking methods will make consumers have a new understanding and feeling of canned food, thus promoting the consumption of canned food

canned food, as one of the convenience foods, has great market potential and promising sales prospects. The canning industry has become a new force in China's food industry, and has begun to dawn in the new century

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