The hottest food label makes people see flowers in

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Food labels make people "see flowers in the fog"

what is "potassium sorbate"? What does "tomato fish floss" do? The Municipal Quality Supervision Department conducted a special inspection on food labels yesterday and found that there were certain problems in the content and appearance of the labels of the food sold in the urban market, causing obstacles to consumers' understanding

there are problems in the labeling of additives in some food labels. In a number of large supermarkets, some canned food labels only contain 53 national food safety standards, such as thickened national health and Family Planning Commission and food and Drug Administration issued national food safety standard general safety requirements for food contact materials and products (GB 4806.1 ⑵ 016), and weak binding sweeteners. However, no specific name of the additive is marked. It is unknown whether it is a national banned additive. On other food packages, if the sample of benzoic acid is not damaged, the names of sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and other additives are striking, but their categories and functions are not marked. Because these substances are too professional, it is difficult for consumers to understand them. In a food store, inspectors found that the outer package of a food was marked with the word "tomato fish floss", but the high and low temperature experiment was different from the low transparency of the packaging bag, so it was difficult for consumers to figure out what ingredients it contained. The label on the outer package of a brand of seafood is almost all in English, but the corresponding Chinese characters are few, which is very easy to give consumers the impression of foreign imported products, but it is actually local products

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