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Venezuelan oil company has been approved to sign an oil agreement with Rosneft according to RIA Novosti report in Caracas on April 4, the Venezuelan parliament 2. Obtained their precise attributes through testing, approved the agreement signed by the state-run Russian and Venezuelan oil companies to establish a joint venture for Joint Petroleum Exploitation on Thursday

the joint venture established by Rosneft and Venezuela Petroleum Company, a subsidiary of Venezuela national petroleum company, will exploit the oil in the middle of the position, which is likely to have a landing period in karavovo-2 block and karavovo-4 block of the Orinoco heavy oil belt in the Andean country

Rosneft owns 40% of the shares in the joint venture. According to the agreement signed in September 2012, the new joint venture will initially operate alloy high carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, cold work die steel, etc. for 25 years, with a working area of 340 square kilometers

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