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Veri zon successfully realized LTE data communication

time is like water. This series of friction and wear testing machines have many experimental methods, and the years are fleeting. When 3G was getting better and better in the first year of China, its subsequent evolutionary technology LTE (3.9G Technology) was urgently preparing for the upcoming commercial use overseas. Tracking and analyzing the progress of LTE technology and commercial situation has a strong reference for China's future development. Therefore, this column is specially opened to show the latest developments of LTE in the world

recently, American mobile operators have successfully implemented LTE data communication in the 700MHz frequency band in Boston and Seattle, including video, file upload and download, page browsing, VoIP and other applications, with the corresponding modified material verizonwireless (hereinafter referred to as Verizon)

in Boston and Seattle, Verizon deployed 10 LTE base stations respectively, operating in the 700MHz frequency band. This makes the two places play the role of "test bed" on Verizon's LTE territory. Through various tests, Verizon can better understand the operation rules of LTE, such as the construction of base stations and the introduction of new technologies

in Verizon's LTE territory, there are many equipment manufacturers and their names, which shows its openness. Alcatel lucent provided Boston with LTE network 11. Ring stiffness: gb/t 9647 (2) 003 thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness measurement infrastructure accuracy is not easy to guarantee. Ericsson provided end-to-end solutions for Seattle, and other network equipment was provided by straren network and Nokia Siemens network. In the field of terminals, Verizon currently uses LG and Samsung as test brands. Verizon said that in the future, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other brands will join

according to the plan, Verizon will launch LTE commercial services in 2010, with the goal of covering 30 cities and 100million users. By 2013, Verizon hopes to achieve wide area coverage of LTE networks in the United States. People's post and telegraph

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