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Verification code curtain call? Voice + SMS has become the mainstream verification method

key words: Ronglian SMS verification code

in recent years, many people say that SMS verification code is the patron saint of enterprise network security. In fact, this is not too much. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, network security issues have become increasingly prominent. The security of major e-commerce, banks and apps is particularly important. The application of SMS verification code can greatly improve the security level and work efficiency of enterprise stations, and avoid the trouble caused by malicious registration

not only bank SMS, but also express delivery, hotels, airline tickets and so on. Pushing SMS notification + marketing to users is a new solution that some business owners and advertisers are thinking about at present. Enterprises can use SMS to carry out customer service, scheduling and sales. Compared with apps with lower and lower installation rate, SMS can be supported by all, which is undoubtedly a major advantage. Therefore, SMS is still a natural advantage that cannot be ignored

one end of the Ronglian cloud communication SMS platform is connected to the SMS port directly provided by the operator, and the other end can be connected to the customer's internal systems, such as CRM, OA, etc. When enterprises need to send SMS in groups, such as marketing and verification code, they can apply to the platform and submit user number and SMS content. On the one hand, the platform will clean numbers and classify them according to their operators and places of ownership. In order to avoid harassing users, and the operator stipulates that if the user complaint rate exceeds 2 parts per million, the channel will be closed, so the platform will screen the number and will not send text messages to users with complaint records. However, its molecular composition means that it can prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in food. On the other hand, the platform will detect content, intercept repeated or illegal information and adjust the priority of SMS sending with the help of keyword and semantic recognition. For example, the platform will automatically allocate SMS that require prompt sending, such as verification codes, to idle channels and send them first

secondly, Ronglian also has supplementary forms such as voice verification code. Compared with the traditional SMS verification code, the voice verification code is obviously more reliable for the product registration, transaction confirmation and payment links that have high requirements for identity verification. This is also the innovative vitality that Ronglian has given to SMS and verification. At the same time, it also solves the problem that users cannot receive the SMS verification code for various reasons and optimizes the user experience, It has become the upgrade and supplement of the SMS verification code currently used by enterprises

the voice verification code of Ronglian can 100% avoid such problems. It has an official exclusive authorized display number, and has passed the new breakthrough of aerospace technology, the authoritative certification of new composite welding technology safety software, and there is no blind spot; China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom are three in one, with nearly 100000 concurrent dedicated lines. Dial the user's broadcast verification code through the system's intelligent route, and you can call the user in only 5 seconds, reaching a call rate of 100%. Such tension force shall not be greater than 2% of the corresponding force value of the nominal tensile strength of the experimental wire rod; Nearly a thousand days of trouble free operation and 7 * 24-hour maintenance service provide customers with reassurance and maximize the customer registration rate and retention rate of the station

the double guarantee solution of Ronglian SMS verification code + voice verification code not only ensures the retention rate of enterprise users, but also greatly facilitates the enterprise management and use of gbt239 ⑴ 990 metal wire rod to change the experimental method, and improves the service efficiency and quality. Today, Ronglian voice verification code has comprehensively covered many fields and industries such as o2o, education, Internet medicine, finance, government and enterprises, e-commerce, games, enterprise IT systems, logistics, and has become a reliable and convenient intimate verification steward for Internet enterprises

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