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VC identified the "IOT" market with a total investment of $1.1 billion last year. According to foreign media reports, since Google acquired nest for $3.2 billion, Cisco CEO immediately said publicly that the IOT market would be an industry with a market capitalization of $19 trillion. This point can also be seen from the large number of home appliances exhibited at this year's CES Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Plastic 5 gold products will become a new consumption hot spot and a new economic growth point

the latest data from market research agency C on Wednesday, such as the equipment used for bellows detection, will be equipped with an inner diameter measuring device B insights, also pointed out that investors are now very optimistic about the IOT market, and invested a total of $1.1 billion in 153 transactions last year. You know, the IOT market in 2013 has not yet taken shape, but even so, the relevant investment and financing has also achieved an annual growth rate of 49%. In 2013, financing projects similar to vivint, a smart home enterprise in 2012, increased almost every quarter

IOT is now a hot topic, and venture capital has begun to pour into companies such as August, smartthings and revolution. For example, in October last year, Fitbit successfully obtained more than $43million

there is no similar market conflict between IOT technology and the currently popular wearable device technology. The latter has the ability to completely change the relationship and way people build on the Internet, but the market has different opinions on the handling of consumer demand. There are more than 1billion intelligent devices in use all over the world, which has deeply affected the way people connect from the hardware level. However, smart products such as nest will undoubtedly become a huge market by providing new ways to connect and allow old home facilities to be controlled

up to now, although about two-thirds of the transactions in the IOT field are still in the stage of seed investment or a-round investment, given that most IOT companies are a combination of hardware development and software assistance, the average transaction price is huge, about US $114.9 billion

IOT is a fascinating but occasionally frustrating innovation field. Planet labs is planning to launch self-designed satellites to generate maps through the earth. Pixie scientific has launched a connected diaper to observe the health of infants in real time. Soil IQ can now connect soil to the Internet. However, behind all these wonderful ideas, there is a better idea in 2012 (2) and 2016 that is expected to be realized. This unstoppable product innovation will force investment to continue. But in the end, how many good designs can provide rewards for many people who are less than 60 years old will be a phenomenon worthy of our careful observation

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