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Chuang invested 100 million euros in digital development, reached a cooperative relationship with IBM and Duisburg Essen University

Chuang invested 100 million euros in digital development, reached a cooperative relationship with IBM and Duisburg Essen University, paint,

Chuang invested 100 million euros in digital development, and reached a cooperative relationship with IBM and Duisburg Essen University

July 7, 2017

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Essen, Germany. Evonik will invest 100 million euros in digital development, and has established a strategic partnership with IBM and Duisburg Essen university to promote the digital transformation of the chemical industry. "As a specialty chemical company, digitalization has brought us infinite possibilities. Now, what we need to do is to identify, try and make effective use of these possibilities, which is why we launched this plan." Christian Kullmann, chairman of Evonik industries group, explained

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Dr. Henrik Hahn, group chief digital officer and chairman of Evonik Digital Co., Ltd.

Evonik aims to further enhance its position in the digital era by providing financial support and establishing a new strategic partnership. Henrik Hahn, the group's chief digital Officer (CDO), who is responsible for coordinating the digital business, said: "our goal is to invest about 100 million euros in the development and testing of digital technology by 2020, and cultivate relevant digital skills. This plan is not only related to data and technology, but especially related to new business models, providing solutions and services to customers, and training qualified employees."

the cooperation with IBM will enable Evonik to benefit from the latest technology and innovation projects pioneered by IBM, including cognitive technology, blockchain, IOT, industry 4.0 and other cloud technologies. There is too little oil in the tank. This cooperation also provides an opportunity for Evonik to use IBM's quantum computing and other breakthrough R & D technologies

in July 2017, the first pilot project of Evonik and IBM was officially launched. The goal of this project is to jointly develop a Evonik proprietary chemical cognition and life science database based on the data analysis results of IBM Watson explorer and Watson knowledge studio. Watson Explorer is a cognitive search and content analysis platform built by IBM, and Watson knowled6. Ge studio is its cloud application before each operation, which can help developers determine the relationship between unstructured data and can be used in Watson explorer. The analysis results and suggestions formed from the database will be part of the digital consulting service, and can also be used to improve efficiency

Martina koederitz, general manager of IBM in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, said: "with Watson, IBM enables the company to make good use of existing knowledge, continue to learn and develop. We are very happy to cooperate with Evonik, bring IBM's most advanced cognitive and cloud technology, the latest research results and rich professional knowledge, support Evonik to stand out in the digital transformation of the chemical industry, and lead the development of the industry."

the new strategic cooperation between Evonik and Duisburg Essen University (ude) will focus on the core elements of digital transformation - people and skills. Cooperation topics include interactive knowledge transfer and customized training concepts in industry practice. This cooperation will also explore the benefits of data exchange and digital business cooperation

Du automotive industry's revenue from the use of color changing coatings will reach 595million US dollars, indicating that the stress and strain of steel are linear. Professor Ulrich Radtke, President of the University of Islamabad Essen (ude), said: "Digitalization is one of the important challenges facing this era. This is a hot research field, because it will affect all aspects of our lives. The cooperation with Evonik can connect our professional knowledge in the interaction between people and digital systems with industrial applications, and accelerate the transformation of basic research results."

Evonik is a digital pioneer in the chemical industry. In early 2017, Evonik Digital Co., Ltd. was established to develop and promote the digital concept, break the traditional way of thinking, and focus on new products and services that support customers to achieve success

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