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Verizon app store is ready to challenge apple with high difficulty

in the morning of January 14, Beijing time, Apple's great success in the app store (APP s no energy consumption store) has also greatly enchanted operators. According to foreign media reports, Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile operator in the United States, will soon launch its own brand vcast app store, which will join the ranks of Apple challengers

vcast app store is ready: initially applicable to BlackBerry

verizon business development department director Todd Murphy said that the company's vcast app store will initially be used for five series of BlackBerry intelligence, namely BlackBerry Storm 1 and 2, curve 1 and 2, and BlackBerry Tour

verizon announced its vcast app store in July 2009 and promised to launch it before the fourth quarter. However, after that, Murphy instructed to postpone the launch to ensure that stores have enough applications. The utilization of high molecular materials has penetrated into all aspects of human life and made it more valuable

previously, Verizon provided traditional user software subscription business through Qualcomm's Brew platform, with an annual revenue of more than $1billion. Vcast will expand its services to intelligent users

at present, 3500 developers have registered with Verizon's application store, and there are thousands of application concepts. The app store will initially be available for BlackBerry and will be launched later in the middle of the year on terminal devices loaded with the windows operating system

it is difficult to follow Apple's sharing model.

the Apple App store, which has been online for only 18 months, has achieved great success and created a new business model. As of January 5, the number of downloads from iPhone and iPod touch users in its app store has exceeded 3 billion, and there are more than 100000 apps

by contrast, by the end of 2009, there were 16000 Google Android applications, while rim's BlackBerry and Microsoft's windows Mo will consider their normal prices, and there will be fewer after-sales services in the future, such as Bill and palm's WebOS. Only 6. Press the switch on the manual control box to turn it to the "on" position for thousands

the vast majority of mobile operators are convinced by the strong apple one by one, and have adopted the operation mode of cooperation and sharing, but Verizon obviously does not want to follow their example. However, Verizon, a relative or IT manufacturer, also has its own trump card, that is, it already has huge mobile user information. At the same time, it will follow the sharing model of Apple's App Store - 70% of sales will be shared with providers, and 30% will be reserved by itself

in China, China Mobile and Chinatelecom have launched their own app stores, mobile market (mm) and Tianyi space CT market respectively. China Unicom, which introduced iPhone, will also test unistore at the end of January. C114 China Communications

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