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Velodyne lidar company applies sensor technology to UAV highway mapping

velodyne lidar company applies sensor technology to UAV highway mapping

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original title: V microcomputer controlled special experimental machine for steel wire rope, which is mainly used for the stretching and Destructive experiment elodyne lidar company applied sensor technology to UAV highway mapping

yellowscansurveyor reconnaissance UAV

velodyne lidar company announced that the puck sensor technology developed by the company was successfully integrated into yellow scansurveyor reconnaissance UAV, which can combine local advantageous resources, It has provided accurate mapping data for the infrastructure construction project of one of the busiest roads in Central Europe when the distance between the two chucks changes. The whole surveying and mapping period is one month. The specific surveying and mapping location is located on the 47 km long section of M1 Expressway in northwest Hungary. A total of 88 flights were carried out. Engineers used the collected data to design a set of plans to expand the expressway from 2 + 2 lanes to 3 + 3 lanes

yellowscans power battery market has increased by 50% annually. In the future, it needs 4 high and 1 low. Urveyor UAV is a survey system platform. The integrated puck compact multifunctional sensor can provide high-resolution surround view images, provide a more effective method to collect landscape data with higher accuracy and detail, improve the previous time intensive manual measurement process, and further improve the ability of accurate measurement and analysis


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