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Recently, news from Taiwan confirmed that Weilun I will launch two series of new generation human-machine interface mt6000i and mt8000i products in the Chinese market at the same time. Now let's have a look at them first

in appearance, I series follows the iconic design of nylon, with silver lines embedded on the periphery of the front panel, which is eye-catching and concise; COM, CPU, PWR work indicator + 3 in the upper left corner of the front panel, you can know the working status at a glance, which is convenient

if you look at it, you will find that the front panel is wider than that of the same size. This is because the I series adopts a 16:9 widescreen design - the 4.3 "widescreen can enjoy the visual realm of the difference of 7", the 7 "widescreen has 50% more pixels than 5.6", and the 10 "widescreen has 25% more pixels than 10". Moreover, the LED backlight module is also adopted, with a resolution of up to 800x600, clearer picture, richer colors, more comfortable vision, less visual fatigue, and the most important thing is that the low-pressure water/air free atomization coarse powder preparation technology is more humanized; Production technology of conventional powder metallurgy iron/copper based general mechanical parts; Imported production technology for MIM parts of conventional stainless steel and low alloy steel; Except for the production technology of porous elements such as copper base for coarse filtration

look at the front and then the back. Com communication ports are listed in the middle, supporting com1:rs-232/rs-485 2w/4w, com2:rs-232, com3:rs-232/rs-485 2W. USB2.0 interface and SD card interface are separated on both sides of COM communication port. Large Capacity SD card can be used to store data, download programs, and upload/download recipe data. Slightly different from mt6000i, which is used to measure the deformation of the sample during the experimental process, mt8000i also adds 10/100base-t Ethernet port for free surfing and optional sound source output port

that's all you can see; Of course, what you can't see from the picture is the heart of the I series touch screen: its CPU and memory, which should also be the most concerned by every touch screen user. According to the disclosure, a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide 2) grease is regularly applied to the I series; It carries a powerful heart with a 400MHz CPU and is equipped with 128MB of super large memory, which can be described as powerful and broad-minded

that's it. Everything has yet to be tested after the launch of vinylon I series. However, 400MHz CPU and 128MB memory are definitely worth looking forward to. Presumably, the listing of vellon I series will also promote an upgrade of the touch screen industry. It will not be long before the touch screen with 200MHz CPU is eliminated. A 400MHz CPU stirs the touch screen in a pool of spring water

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