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Weilun technology was invited to join the China Computer Industry Association

in July 2008, China control test block Beijing, with the confirmation fax of the members of the China Computer Industry Association, Weilun technology officially became a member of the industrial computer branch of the China Computer Industry Association

China computer industry association was established on April 17th, 1987, and its competent department is the Ministry of information industry of the people's Republic of China. More than 300 representatives from enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities in China's computer industry gathered in Luoyang to discuss the industry development association. It is a social group voluntarily participated in and organized by enterprises and institutions engaged in the production, scientific research, development and application of computers and related products, with more than 230 registered members

as one of the authoritative non-governmental organizations in China's information industry, the China computer industry association includes famous computer enterprises in China, such as Lenovo Group, TCL Computer Technology Co., Ltd., Founder Technology Group Co., Ltd., national computer quality supervision and inspection center, Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd., China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd China Electronic Information Industry Corporation and a large number of international and domestic well-known enterprises

Weilun technology has long been engaged in the R & D, production and manufacturing of touch screens. Its products are exported to North America, Europe, Australia and other global markets. After 13 years of development, it has grown into a world-class professional human-machine interface manufacturer. This time, Weilun technology was invited to join the industrial computer branch of the China Computer Industry Association, which shows the outstanding contribution of Weilun technology in the field of industrial computers and industrial computers, and it is also the recognition of the strength of Weilun by the China Computer Industry Association

touch the world pulse, only weinview! Weilun technology will take the opportunity of joining the computer industry association of China Jinan experimental machine factory in machinery manufacturing and various equipment, uphold the product mission of "touch the world", shoulder the society of "leading science and technology, promoting the industry and contributing to the society", make its own strength for the development of China's computer industry and make greater contributions to the revitalization of national industry

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