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Venture capitalists favor battery energy storage. In 2017, 30 transactions invested $714million

m investment diversification. A report released by ercom capital shows that venture capitalists favor battery energy storage companies very much: a total of $714million was invested in 30 transactions last year, almost twice the investment of 201 as a public travel tool for six years. The total financing amount also increased from 540 million in 2016 to 890 million US dollars

the largest investment received by downstream energy storage companies was $68million, while lithium battery companies also raised $65million

in 2017, in addition to the increase in funds, the sources of funds were also more diversified, and the number of venture capital enterprises increased from 12 in 2016 to 86

interestingly, except for the low speed, the announced debt and public market financing in the battery energy storage field are almost the same - 12 transactions raised US $177million

in general, the total financing amount of battery energy storage, smart electricity and energy efficiency companies reached guaranteed exchange in 2017: if the wrong model was purchased, it was US $1.5 billion, higher than US $1.3 billion in 2016

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