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Verint financial compliance solutions won the "regulatory science and technology insight Award"

ver from the conception of equipment to design, production, sales, and then to our users' hands. Int financial compliance solutions won the "regulatory science and technology insight Award"

-- the 2019 award highly affirmed the market leadership of Verint active compliance solutions.

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Beijing, August 7, 2019 - mutual enterprise Verint Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: vrnt) announced recently that its financial compliance technology won the best supplier of risk management and control solutions in the 2019 regtech insight awards. At present, the global financial industry urgently needs to effectively respond to regulatory challenges. The award aims to commend new and old manufacturers who actively carry out compliance technology innovation

verint financial compliance solutions are widely used in more than 400 financial enterprises around the world to ensure that enterprises achieve strong policy implementation and communication governance through automated means, so as to promote compliance and help unify multi-channel, trader voice and mobile platforms to reduce risks

Angela wilbraham, CEO of A-Team group, the organizer of the regulatory science and technology insight award, said: our cross-border platform has a broad readership, covering more than 20000 senior technical directors and data scientists. We are very happy that they have given high praise to Verint's financial compliance technology and rated Verint as the best supplier of risk management and control solutions. This move reflects Verint's leading position in this highly competitive market. We warmly congratulate them on winning the crown of the regulatory science and technology insight award

Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager of strategic operations department of Verint, said: Verint financial compliance technology can meet some of the most urgent compliance needs of today's financial services enterprises. Our solution is designed to help compliance executives improve compliance efficiency and strengthen compliance by implementing task automation and opening new communication channels and working modes. The solution can also enable enterprises to fully explore the advantages of new unified communication tools and help enterprises avoid non-compliance behaviors by actively controlling communication

the regulatory technology insight award is hosted by A-Team insight, which aims to commend the industry-leading regulatory technology solutions, services and professional consulting manufacturers, and commend enterprises at the forefront of innovation, mainly because customers do not know clearly about fixture materials when choosing. The award covers the most powerful financial compliance solutions in the industry today, helping financial institutions effectively respond to the increasing regulatory requirements

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