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Verint held engage18 global customer conference in the United States to give predictive guidance to employees and realize interactive ease of use, modernization and automation. Beijing, May 24, 2018 - customer interaction optimization enterprise Huirui Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: vrnt) recently launched an innovative interactive technology enhancement function, which is based on automation, predictive analysis, knowledge management, best practice guidance and other technologies, It aims to create a more intelligent and seamless customer experience by promoting the speed of staff task execution, improving the convenience of interaction and improving the accuracy of work, so as to meet the increasingly complex customer interaction needs

verint recently held the engage 2018 global customer conference in Dallas, Texas, USA. during this period, it announced the launch of the above new features and conducted a live demonstration. Engage is Verint's annual global exchange conference, where experts from customers, partners and other industries gather to discuss the latest technological development trends in the field of customer interaction, exchange industry best practices and share insights, and gain competitive advantage by constantly weeding out the old and bringing forth the new in the rapidly evolving business environment. The theme of engage18 conference is to help customer interaction achieve ease of use, modernization and automation. The theme discussion covers human resource interaction, self-service, voice of customers, compliance, fraud prevention and other business areas

in the Research Report "2018 customer service development trends: how to make operations faster, cheaper, and more humanized", forre carbonization layer can prevent the spread of flames. Ster said that today's market is at a critical point, and with the continuous increase of communication channels, the interaction between customers and enterprises is also increasingly frequent. Enterprises adapt to this situation by increasing staffing, but this is not a sustainable coping strategy. Enterprises should realize the transformation of operation mode by developing the efficiency of automation, artificial intelligence and knowledge management. 1

Gartner pointed out in its "magic quadrant of human resource interaction management" research report that the market and society are undergoing critical changes. Enterprises should keep up with the requirements of the times and reposition the management mode of employee interaction in their contact centers. The report also said that the role of stimulating employees' internal motivation and increasing employees' sense of participation should not be underestimated. It not only helps to improve operational performance, but also significantly improves customer experience, and provides reasonable judgment and support for the future investment direction of the enterprise. 3

new functions adopt real-time analysis technology to provide appropriate information at the appropriate time

Verint's new automation function benefits from its powerful real-time voice analysis technology, which can filter millions of messages, and dynamically push the appropriate knowledge to the agent at the appropriate time based on the call content, helping the agent solve difficult problems in customer interaction in real time

the implementation of this technology greatly promotes the ease of customer interaction. Analysis can be carried out at any time with the occurrence of interaction. At the same time, agents can be automatically informed when to use a certain knowledge point or start a certain process, so that the most complex interaction problems can be solved quickly

when interacting with customers, agents can automatically obtain appropriate information or appropriate processes for customer service and task execution without searching. Based on real-time conversation, agents can answer customer inquiries more quickly and accurately through software functions with only a little training. These instant functions make it easier for customers to interact. Customers can see whether their transmission and rotation performance are smooth, and the user experience and customer loyalty are greatly improved

in addition, nowadays, the need for modern technology of contact center seats is increasing. Due to the lack of corresponding tools or means to help them finish their work efficiently in the working environment, some seats may change jobs. This solution caters to this development trend. After using Verint's automation technology, the agent's ability to deal with boring and cumbersome tasks has been greatly enhanced. Instead of spending several minutes and feeling overwhelmed by massive document search, he can concentrate on customer service

class faces difficulties: in large-scale international activities, it seems that the function is also applicable to all other non voice contact center interaction scenarios in Verint. When customers type information through online chat, SMS, Facebook and other words for inquiry, the agent can immediately automatically receive guidance suggestions and be informed of the knowledge articles to be used or the best action to be taken next

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note: 1: from Forrester Research Report "2018 customer service development trends: how to make operations faster, cheaper, and more humane", release date: January 24, 2018.: From Gartner Research Report "magic quadrant of human resource interactive management", published on February 6th, 2018

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